SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. are proud to be exhibiting for the 17th consecutive year at The Commercial Vehicle Show 2017 held at the NEC, Birmingham. SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. currently has over 140 Authorised, Independent Dealers/Application Centres across 12 countries creating what is probably the most robust automotive aftermarket spray liner network in the UK including much of Europe.

Products on display at the CV Show 2017 will include our long established and successful SPEEDLINER Euro HS®, SPEEDLINER Euro HC®, “often imitated but never equalled…” together with SL1000®, Sprayliner 1000® products and the conveniently ‘small packaged’ SL Euro HS® and SL EURO HC® brush, roll or spray polymer coatings.

Some of our ‘easy to use’ uncomplicated equipment and samples of our versatile products will be on display together with some specialist vehicles that have received spray liner applications utilising some of the tried and tested spray polymers available from SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd..

SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. will have two guest exhibitors on our show stand this year. We are pleased to welcome Vehicle Accessory Solutions Ltd. a long established, light commercial vehicle, specialist conversion company who are a newly authorised SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. Dealer/Application Centre joining our ever expanding network and we are especially delighted to welcome a second appearance from Arnold Clark Coachbuilders Ltd., now based in larger bespoke premises at East Kilbride, Glasgow.

Both companies carry out different types of motor vehicle builds and conversions to high standards which often feature the various SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. polymer spray liner products and the two companies also offer many different vehicle accessories that will also be displayed with their respective show vehicles.

See us on Stand No. 5E120.

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We are urgently seeking new authorised Dealers/Application Centresin the following areas:Essex, Kent, London, the South EastPreston, Bolton, Liverpool, Manchester and the North WestplusNorth, Central and East Yorkshire. Due to the ever increasing demands for vehicles, such as panel vans in the delivery logistics sector, to have the hygiene capabilities for the interior load areas to be washable and cleaned we are receiving more and more enquiries from private and fleet operators to have their various vehicles seamlessly lined and made waterproof. Added to this is the ongoing benefit of anti-scratch, abrasion and wear and tear protection to the vehicles interior making the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. coatings an essential first choice.To meet the rise in requests for our products we are seeking new authorised Dealers/Application Centres in the areas mentioned above.For any vehicle conversion specialists, coach builders, body shop/spray shops the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. authorised Dealer/Application Centre
‘Quick-Start Up’ package including liquid materials, essential equipment and ‘on-site’ training provides an ideal product line to any existing business.
For further information please go to our ‘BECOMING A DEALER‘ page.


SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. has an enviable 16 year track record by being recognised as the first company to introduce a versatile spray-on truck liner to the UK back in 2000 and is continuing to be the most successful, longest established, independent and privately owned company offering the best low cost ‘start up’, non-franchise spray liner system available in the UK and many countries in Europe.
Since 2011 SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. have supplied their own unique and exclusive, high quality product brand name urethane spray polymer known as SPEEDLINER EURO HS® to an ever increasing number of authorised Dealers and Applicators.

SPEEDLINER EURO HS® , SPEEDLINER EURO HC® and TOPCOAT HG with the first products of their kind to be fully tested to meet the EEC directive ‘SI1998 / 1376 Plastic Materials in Contact with Food Legislation’.

SPEEDLINER EURO HC® (Hygiene Coat) was the first and only long life, inclusive active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial spray liner coating available offering 21st century vehicle hygiene control.

The various SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. products are now applied by over 130 authorised Dealers/Application Centres across 12 countries by many companies ranging from vehicle bodyshops to some of the major names in the UK and Europe renowned for bespoke coachbuilding and vehicle conversions.

SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. product applications continue to be requested for use by MoD Specialist Vehicle Suppliers, Health Service Trusts, Police Authorities, Emergency Fire and Rescue Services, Utility Services and a number of local authorities together with many more trade and retail customers.

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Last week Speedliner Europe Ltd. were asked to 'save' two vans that had been sprayed with a product aimed at the DIY market. Yes, you can buy it on eBay even though it contains isocyanate. No professional training required there then ??
The vans had many flaws due to this DIY type system.
Do you really want to spray a large panel van with a Shutz gun??
The major factor as you will see from the video is the average thickness of the whole spray job is no more than 0.28mm, which is no thicker than a coat of paint!!!!!
How much long term protection do you think this would have provided??
The vans are to be used for transporting medical waste and under current legislation require regular internal load area washing and cleaning.

Shake ‘n’ Shoot……………..Shake ‘n’ Throw in the bin!!!

Speedliner® - “Leading The Way in Spray-On Protection!!!!”
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Speedliner Europe protecting a LandRover 110 from general wear and tear in Metallic Green.
Speedliner® - “Be Impressed.....Just Like Our Competitors”
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Revitalised Mitsubishi Pick Up Truck. Why go with a boring black or grey colour when you can have flame red.
This application was carried out by VMC Coatings based on the Isle Of Wight. Great application.
Speedliner® - " Always Leading The Way"
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Speedliner Euro HS spray application. Simple, convenient & no excessive over spray exiting the vehicle unlike other spray liners who don't just mask the vehicle but the whole booth !!
Speedliner - " Anything Else Just Isn't The Same"
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Happy Christmas Everyone. Some interesting projects coming up in 2017 :)
Speak again In the new year.🎉
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