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We are urgently seeking new authorised Dealers/Application Centresin the following areas:Essex, Kent, London, the South EastPreston, Bolton, Liverpool, Manchester and the North WestplusNorth, Central and East Yorkshire. Due to the ever increasing demands for vehicles, such as panel vans in the delivery logistics sector, to have the hygiene capabilities for the interior load areas to be washable and cleaned we are receiving more and more enquiries from private and fleet operators to have their various vehicles seamlessly lined and made waterproof. Added to this is the ongoing benefit of anti-scratch, abrasion and wear and tear protection to the vehicles interior making the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. coatings an essential first choice.To meet the rise in requests for our products we are seeking new authorised Dealers/Application Centres in the areas mentioned above.For any vehicle conversion specialists, coach builders, body shop/spray shops the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. authorised Dealer/Application Centre
‘Quick-Start Up’ package including liquid materials, essential equipment and ‘on-site’ training provides an ideal product line to any existing business.
For further information please go to our ‘BECOMING A DEALER‘ page.


SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. has an enviable 16 year track record by being recognised as the first company to introduce a versatile spray-on truck liner to the UK back in 2000 and is continuing to be the most successful, longest established, independent and privately owned company offering the best low cost ‘start up’, non-franchise spray liner system available in the UK and many countries in Europe.
Since 2011 SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. have supplied their own unique and exclusive, high quality product brand name urethane spray polymer known as SPEEDLINER EURO HS® to an ever increasing number of authorised Dealers and Applicators.

SPEEDLINER EURO HS® , SPEEDLINER EURO HC® and TOPCOAT HG with the first products of their kind to be fully tested to meet the EEC directive ‘SI1998 / 1376 Plastic Materials in Contact with Food Legislation’.

SPEEDLINER EURO HC® (Hygiene Coat) was the first and only long life, inclusive active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial spray liner coating available offering 21st century vehicle hygiene control.

The various SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. products are now applied by over 130 authorised Dealers/Application Centres across 12 countries by many companies ranging from vehicle bodyshops to some of the major names in the UK and Europe renowned for bespoke coachbuilding and vehicle conversions.

SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. product applications continue to be requested for use by MoD Specialist Vehicle Suppliers, Health Service Trusts, Police Authorities, Emergency Fire and Rescue Services, Utility Services and a number of local authorities together with many more trade and retail customers.

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As 2017 has come to an end we look forward to a busy 2018. Here are a few pictures of what we and our dealers have achieved in 2017.
Very nice work from One Call, Preston on the refurbished dog kennel building.The 'multi-colour' panel van was a special demonstrator vehicle done by Vehicle Accessory Solutions based in Buxted, East Sussex.
The Surf Rider renovation in Kansas, USA was completed by the A+ Team.
Colin Nash, David Nash and Paul King take a Bow 🙂
Speedliner® - “ Anything Thing Else Just Isn’t The Same ”
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Great Work Guys. Many more applications in 2018 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

Iveco Daily In For Some Major Work Starting With Ply Lining & Speedliner Floor. Unlike Other Spray On Liner's We Seal Every Last Joint Or Gap To Ensure The Treated Area Is Completely Water Tight And...

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This is just a small sample we have of a substantial amount of surplus stock polymer spray liner available for sale.

This product is manufactured by a USA company and is also sold in the UK under an alternative product name from a competitor importer.

Due to the lack of demand for this particular product against our greater strength, proven quality, much higher selling Speedliner Euro HS® it is available cheaper than the competitor prices.

Contact us now for this exclusive sale price while stocks last.
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Great Work by South Essex Automotive Accessories. The only dealer in Essex offering Speedliner. Keep up the great applications 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

A little something we have been working on over the last week. This vehicle is being used to transport hazardous waste. Naturally it was treated to Speedliner Europe Ltd's spray on protective coatin...

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