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Speedliner® Van Liners, Spray Liners, Protective Coatings

1999 - 2005

Our Story Begins

The current managing director, Colin Nash, first introduced the SPEEDLINER® polymer spray liner into the UK in late 1999.

Professional spray liner products were virtually unheard of and non-existent in the UK at this time.

With its variety of versatile applications together with its protective qualities and operating as a 'one man' spray-liner business, it soon became obvious that there was enormous potential for spray-on liner products.

By February 2000 a decision was made to market and distribute SPEEDLINER® and its associated products throughout the UK.

Trading as SPEEDLINER® UK the company officially launched itself at the Commercial Vehicle Show in March 2000 held at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. Following the successful launch and being able to offer the first and only non-franchise, low-cost Dealer 'Start-Up' package by the end of 2000 SPEEDLINER® UK had gained 8 active Dealers / Application Centres.

SPEEDLINER® UK was incorporated in 2003 and over the next couple of years, pro-active marketing and promotion of the SPEEDLINER® product together with presentations regarding the general concept of the 'spray-on truck bed liner' was dramatically increased. Slowly but surely the Dealer base was expanded as more small to medium size, independent bodyshops / sprayshops, 4x4 truck specialists and 'special bespoke vehicle' builders / manufacturers discovered the uses and potential of the SPEEDLINER® polymer spray liner.

By early 2004 the SPEEDLINER® UK Ltd. authorised Dealer network had passed the 50 mark. As SPEEDLINER® UK Ltd. was beginning to enlist new Dealers in the general European marketplace a decision was made for an operating and trading name change to that of SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. as from June 2004.

SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. had already gained a number of independent Dealers and 'In House' manufacturing based product users across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Germany.

2005 - 2007

EU Food Compliance Certification Gained and Anti-bacterial Coating Introduced

In the Autumn of 2005 the SPEEDLINER® spray liner was submitted for full and extensive independent laboratory testing for direct contact with various foods such as raw and cooked meats, fruits, vegetables and bakery products together with various beverages such as water, juices and alcohol based items.

SPEEDLINER® became the first and only polymer spray liner product to be fully tested and certificated to meet the EEC directive 'SI1998 / 1376 Plastic Materials in Contact with Food Legislation'.

Since then SPEEDLINER EURO HS®, SPEEDLINER EURO HC® and TOPCOAT HG™ products have all been tested to the same standard and are fully EU certificated to the same EU legislation standards. Following extensive trials and laboratory testing SPEEDLINER EURO HC® (Hygiene Coat) was introduced in the Autumn of 2005. This gave SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. the advantage of being the first and only company to develop and offer an active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial spray liner coating for the transport vehicle market.

Due to a constantly growing sales market in the UK and across the EU countries and now with exclusively licensed SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. Co-Distributors in Germany and Poland with authorised 'stockists' in both Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland in April 2006 SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. became part of the expanding UK based EUROPEAN POLYMER PRODUCTS GROUP LTD. group of companies.

2007 - 2012

Trademark Ownership Legally Acquired and Own Brand Product Introduced

In 2007 Colin Nash legally acquired the ownership of the UK and EU trademark for the SPEEDLINER® product brand name. No other polymer spray liner coating product is lawfully available or sold using or displaying the SPEEDLINER® registered trademark or derivatives of this product brand name in the UK and EU.

As sales and the independent dealer network continued to increase by the start of 2011 SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. introduced their own product label brand of polymer spray liner known as SPEEDLINER EURO HS® that is formulated to contain lower VOC (solvent) levels together with a quicker drying and curing time. The SPEEDLINER EURO HS® product has been independent laboratory tested and unequivocally proven to be a tougher and higher quality on 4 counts than any previous forerunner polymer spray liner.

Our two main products SPEEDLINER EURO HS® and SPEEDLINER EURO HC® now substantially outsell any other batch mix, polymer spray liner products available in the UK and Europe.

See 'OUR PRODUCTS' page for more detailed information regarding the most popular 'selling' products SPEEDLINER EURO HS® and SPEEDLINER EURO HC® and information about other associated products available from SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd.

See 'SPRAY LINER INFORMATION' about different types of spray liner products.

2012 - 2019

Specialist Repair System 'Sister' Company Launched

The 'sister' company to SPEEDLINER® EUROPE known as SPEEDCOAT EUROPE Ltd. officially launched its exclusive service and products in February 2012. This new member of the EUROPEAN POLYMER PRODUCTS GROUP of companies specialises in the coating repair of cracked plastic or fibreglass showers trays and wash basins in caravans and motorhomes exclusively using the SPEEDLINER EURO HC® polymer product.

SPEEDCOAT EUROPE LTD. has rapidly built an extensive authorised, independent Dealer / Applicator network across the UK.

For more detailed information about SPEEDCOAT EUROPE LTD and this specialist repair system please click here.


Onwards and Upwards...

SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. continues to grow apace and is justly proud of its highly professional and conscientious independent SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Dealer network.

SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. is now the most successful, longest established, versatile, privately owned, non-franchise, low cost 'start-up' spray liner system in the UK and Europe currently with over 130 authorised Dealers / Application centres across 12 countries.