1999 - 2005

Our Story Begins

The current managing director, Colin Nash, first introduced the SPEEDLINER® polymer spray liner into the UK in late 1999.

2005 - 2007

EU Food Compliance Certification Gained and Anti-bacterial Coating Introduced

In the Autumn of 2005 the SPEEDLINER® spray liner was submitted for full and extensive independent laboratory testing for direct contact with various foods such as raw and cooked meats, fruits, vegetables and bakery products together with various beverages such as water, juices and alcohol based items.

2007 - 2012

Trademark Ownership Legally Acquired and Own Brand Product Introduced

In 2007 Colin Nash legally acquired the ownership of the UK and EU trademark for the SPEEDLINER® product brand name.

2012 - 2019

Specialist Repair System 'Sister' Company Launched

The 'sister' company to SPEEDLINER® EUROPE known as SPEEDCOAT EUROPE Ltd. officially launched its exclusive service and products in February 2012.

2019 - Present

Onwards and Upwards...

SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. continues to grow apace and is justly proud of its highly professional and conscientious independent SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Dealer network.