2007 – 2012

Trademark Ownership Legally Acquired and Own Brand Product Introduced

In 2007 Colin Nash legally acquired the ownership of the UK and EU trademark for the SPEEDLINER® product brand name. No other polymer spray liner coating product is lawfully available or sold using or displaying the SPEEDLINER® registered trademark or derivatives of this product brand name in the UK and EU.

As sales and the independent dealer network continued to increase by the start of 2011 SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. introduced their own product label brand of polymer spray liner known as SPEEDLINER EURO HS® that is formulated to contain lower VOC (solvent) levels together with a quicker drying and curing time. The SPEEDLINER EURO HS® product has been independent laboratory tested and unequivocally proven to be a tougher and higher quality on 4 counts than any previous forerunner polymer spray liner.

Our two main products SPEEDLINER EURO HS® and SPEEDLINER EURO HC® now substantially outsell any other batch mix, polymer spray liner products available in the UK and Europe.

See 'OUR PRODUCTS' page for more detailed information regarding the most popular 'selling' products SPEEDLINER EURO HS® and SPEEDLINER EURO HC® and information about other associated products available from SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd.

See 'SPRAY LINER INFORMATION' about different types of spray liner products.