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Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial Uses for SPEEDLINER® Euro HS

Some of the most interesting and unusual requirements for protective coating requirements very often come from the Commercial and Industrial sectors. The SPEEDLINER EURO HS® polymer coating has been used to offer working life protection for industrial equipment such as water and grain hoppers, cement and concrete delivery containers, sewage and 'dirty' water containers, metal castings tumbler units and anti-slip metal road plates to name just a few.

Although some of the uses mentioned above can have an abrasive and wearing effect on the polymer coatings thereby shortening the working life span in certain specific and unusual cases SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. developed different application methods to increase the life wear and tear of the coating by adding certain additives to the polymer mix prior to the coating applications.

One of the advantages of pre-coating a surface that may be facing a hardwearing function is that as and when the protective or sacrificial coating becomes worn or abraded by its working activities it can be re-coated to extend the life of the main structure thus saving higher costs of complete unit replacement.

One of the specialist commercial applications achieved by SPEEDLINER®EUROPE Ltd. was for coating the floor and walkway areas of open top, double, deck buses built and exported worldwide for tourism and sightseeing by the largest bus and coach building company in the UK. The non-aggressive, anti-slip coating was applied for extra passenger safety on the walkway open to all weathers on the top platform of the bus.

Images shown below were various specialist applications to provide additional 'wear and tear' protection to the working services and areas of the equipment or vehicles displayed.

A great advantage of the SPEEDLINER EURO HS® 'batch mix' polymer coating system for this particular wear area means it can easily be re-coated using normal paint rollers during its service life.

Commercial & Industrial

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