Pick-up Trucks


Pick-up Trucks

Speedliner® Waterproof Pick-up Truck Bed Liners and Linings

The 4X4 pick-up truck in its different variations has, apart from the normal trade and business users, become a highly favoured vehicle in the ‘leisure and pleasure’ marketplace being utilised for many functions.

For many, many years the standard load area protection was the ubiquitous black plastic liner and then in later times the carpet style bedliner or welded aluminium liner.

SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray-on liner means that there is no loss of cargo space, will prevent the load bed from rust and corrosion and being a high quality polymer will not crack or warp like some plastic drop-in liners have a tendency to do.

The textured finish gives a practical anti-slip surface for load carrying, is easily washable, gives a unique aesthetic appearance and best of all can help maintain the vehicles re-sale value.

SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner presents a more custom look than the standard black moulded plastic drop in liners having over 25 different stock colours available, including metallics. Customers can even request their own custom colour giving their personal or business pick-up trucks the ultimate customisation or business livery appearance.

Pick-up Trucks

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