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Gardens Department's growing admiration for Speedliner® Europe

Following a recent successful trial to test its suitability and durability, the Gardens Department of Harlow District Council has chosen the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE spray-on truck bed liner for its range of pick-up trucks.

The SPEEDLINER® EUROPE spray-on truck and van liner has recently been applied to a second Ford Ranger pick-up truck used for the carrying of lawn-mowers, chain saws, strimmers and other gardening equipment as well as road signs, wet and dry waste from tree stumps and branches to soil, rocks and concrete.

"Previously, we had used plywood lining for the vehicles," says Harlow's Transport Clerk, Jeff Page, "but these become damaged and shredded at the edges after only about a year and, of course, don't stop water ingress underneath. In the five years we keep vehicles, the linings have to be changed several times. Then we heard about SPEEDLINER® EUROPE and decided to investigate"

"We trialled their product for a year," says Jeff Page, "and we're delighted with the results. After cleaning, it's faster and easier to hose out, the older truck looks just as good as the new one, with no breaks in the coating, no marks and no rust".

"It was on this basis that we went ahead with more vehicles, including a Transit Van used for carrying heavier loads such as generators and compressors. In this case, we opted for the DuPont Kevlar® fibre additive to provide a higher cut and tear resistance with the finished coating."

All three spray liner jobs were carried out at the authorised SPEEDLINER® EUROPE application centre, TAD Communications Ltd. in Watford, a company that provides a comprehensive lining service for trucks and vans.

The SPEEDLINER® EUROPE spray-on truck bed liner system is a major step forward compared to some other systems on the market. In its standard form, it has a high tensile strength and impact resistance.

The textured spray liner application already had good anti-slip properties but this can be improved with aggressive or non-aggressive aluminium grit or rubber crumb additives.

The spray liner has very good resistance to UV and chemical attack, comes in a standard range of up to 25 colours or using standard urethane colour matching techniques, it can be matched to virtually any vehicle colour.

"SPEEDLINER® EUROPE is now our first choice for tough and durable linings," says Jeff Page, "and we recommend it to anyone who wants to protect their vehicles."

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