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Polymer Spray Liner Protects Pest Control Vans for Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council's Pest Control Services and Dog Warden Department has upgraded the protection of each of its new vans and has elected to use SPEEDLINER® EUROPE spray-on lining to give a superior hard-wearing and easy to clean interior.

The fleet of 15 vehicles, either Vauxhall Combo or Citroen Berlingo vans, is leased and each has been modified for use as either a Pest Control vehicle or a Dog Warden van.

"We used to have our vans fibreglass lined," says Manager, Pest Control Services, Richard Bevan, "we decided to modify all of our vehicles so we switched to SPEEDLINER® EUROPE polymer spray liner some years ago. We now have a much easier cleaning routine and we're delighted with the performance and standard of finish."

The 12 Vauxhall Combo pest control vans are plywood-lined, including the bulkhead, and are hermetically sealed with the spray liner van lining in a stock light grey colour, before being fitted out with tailor-made racking and there is also a roof vent fitted.

The three Citroen Berlingos are similarly lined and sealed with the same polymer spray liner then fitted with different sized open mesh cages. These vehicles are fitted with powered air vents.

In both cases, regular interior pressure washing and disinfecting is required after any spillages, and, in the case of the dog vans, to prevent cross-contamination of any viruses. "Each vehicle is allotted to specific drivers," says Richard Bevan, "and we encourage a sense of pride in the condition and general cleanliness of their vehicles, after all, they represent Bristol City Council.

The SPEEDLINER® EUROPE product is key to this and prevents any internal damage or corrosion, is very easy to wash down, giving an 'as-new' look each time. We've never had to have the coating repaired."

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