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European Polymer Products Group Ltd. in association with Speedliner® Europe Ltd. is proud to announce that our exclusive polymer spray liner product Speedliner Euro HC® has been tested and proven to kill enveloped corona viruses. 

Controlled testing was carried out by a leading UK virology laboratory to ISO 21702:2019 standard and a substantial surface contact ‘killing’ ground was achieved.

This testing now puts Speedliner Euro HC® as the first and only spray liner system to the forefront of advanced hygiene control for vehicle internal load areas carrying food, medical products and hospital laundry as well as ambulances, patient transport services and welfare vehicles to list just a few.

Not only does Speedliner Euro HC® offer its previously proven active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial protection properties but with its anti-viral qualities Speedliner Euro HC® now has a virtually unapproachable, definitive advantage over all other spray liner products. 

Verified test data is available on request to authorised Speedliner® Europe Dealers/Applicators or other professional bodies only. 

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