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Speedliner® Europe Spray Liner Tested for Food Contact

Probably the biggest potential market for SPEEDLINER® EUROPE applications is the interior lining of panel vans and box trailers especially for the carriage and delivery of food products.

When cured SPEEDLINER® EURO HS becomes a tough, durable, inert polymer 'plastic' and has been and can be used for vehicles that transport food products. There was previously no official verification compliance for the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE polymer spray liner materials.

Due to the demand from various major 'blue chip' companies, that specifically deal with the transporation and distribution of all types of food products SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. undertook the process to have the SPEEDLINER EURO HS® and SPEEDLINER EURO HC® spray liner products tested to meet the EEC directive 'SI1998 / 1376 Plastic Materials in Contact with Food Legislation'.

After contacting a specialist independent laboratory the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE products were submitted to undergo specific testing to meet the EEC verification.

Following intensive testing over a 6 week period the laboratory confirmed that SPEEDLINER® EUROPE polymer spray liner products had passed the primary and secondary food groups testing by a clear and definitive margin!

This means that the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE products are tested and officially verified for absolutely safe, direct food contact including items such as bakery and pastry products, all fruit and vegetables, raw meats, cooked meat products, all dairy and milk based products, liquid beverages and potable drinking water.

Achieving this testing means SPEEDLINER® EUROPE was the first and only urethane polymer, spray liner system being offered that is totally acceptable for the lining of food transportation vehicles and containers.

A copy of the compliance certificate is available from all our SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Dealers / Applications Centres so potential customers are invited to apply for a copy on request.

With both SPEEDLINER® EUROPE spray liners tested and passed to meet the EEC directive 'SI1998 / 1376 Plastic Materials in Contact with Food Legislation' this gives SPEEDLINER® EUROPE an almost unapproachable, definitive advantage over nearly all other spray liner products.