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Active anti-bacterial and anti-microbial spray liner for Dog Vans

SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner system has been used extensively for the special interior compartments of vehicles carrying highly trained and valuable dogs used for specialist services with the Police forces, military and private security services, fire services and private owners across the UK and Europe.

Depending on what type or style of interior lining has been provided some vehicles can be prone to abrasions, scratched surfaces even static charge build up and potentially unhygienic environments which may be harmful to the dogs being carried.

With some vehicle lining materials there may be added problems such as difficulty in cleaning the interior areas and this may create an instant haven for bacteria and microbial contamination. However,with a SPEEDLINER EURO HC® * lining application providing a smoother interior surface and easy 'wipe clean' abilities this potential problem can be virtually eliminated.

* SPEEDLINER EURO HC® is the active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial version of the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. specialist coating products.