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There are many different vehicle requirements used by the Fire and Emergency Services not least the transportation of wet, dirty and smoke contaminated materials and equipment.

The vehicles used for some of these transport services are now, with the internal lining of the SPEEDLINER EURO HS® polymer coating system, can be easily power washed clean after any and every wet and dirty operation.

Over the 14 years SPEEDLINER® Europe Ltd. has been established the specialist spray liner coating product has met the needs of many Fire Services and Emergency Service sectors by being able to waterproof line panel vans, mobile divers vehicles, detachable trailer units, apply anti-slip surfaces to ramps, steps and platforms together with marking potential danger edges and steps with high visibility, tough and durable SPEEDLINER Euro HS® and the highly specialised 'Glow in The Dark' * coating exclusive to SPEEDLINER® Europe Ltd.

* ‘Glow in The Dark’ luminescent coating additive is one of the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. specialist coating additive products.