The SPEEDLINER EURO HS® polymer spray liner coating has been used for a wide range of applications in the leisure marketplace.

The tough and durable lining product has been use to completely line and seal a leaking concrete lined koi carp pool, to line and prevent leakage through tile grouting in a salt water swimming pool and to coat a cracked stone ornamental fountain to list but a few.

Children’s playground equipment can also be re-furbished with a long-lasting, smooth polymer coating application and safety anti-slip walkways, steps, ramps and even ‘wet’ shower rooms can also receive the specialist polymer coating treatment.

A new area that has adopted the SPEEDLINER EURO HC® spray liner is the *Caravan and Motorhome marketplace. One of the biggest problems is the inherent problem of cracked and leaking plastic shower trays in these vehicles. With the ever growing use in this particular marketplace of the SPEEDLINER EURO HC® product there is now a quality, long-life repair system available.

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SPEEDLINER EURO HS® has also been used for coating skateboards with a non-aggressive anti-slip coating and surfboards with a tough hardwearing high gloss, polymer topcoat product.

Probably the largest, most challenging and proudest achievement carried out by SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. in the leisure industry was the research and development and final application to create the world’s first ‘soft’ landing ‘surf/skim’ boarding pool rider surface area for a specialist manufacturer and worldwide installer of artificial waves pools.

The first unique application of its kind was carried out on the outdoor ‘soft landing’ surf/skim boarding pool in Manhattan City, Kansas, USA. The photo above shows the installation of the thick ‘foam soft landing’ sheets applied to the GRP (fibreglass) pool liner prior to the specialist Speedliner® Europe polymer spray liner application incorporating the high gloss, UV stable, finishing coat shown in the photo below.

Other ‘soft landing’, ‘surf/skim’ boarding pool applications were carried out by SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd.  at the newly constructed Singapore Sports Hub and one below located outside a major shopping mall in Centurion, South Africa.

SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. is an independently owned and operated company and have received requests to work alongside other companies who require our unique, non-exclusive, superior protective, lining products and specialist contract services.

As an ambitious and forward thinking company we virtually never shy away from new ideas and requirements from a variety of customers connected with leisure activities and equipment manufacturers.


The marine industry can be one of the most testing, corrosive and severe areas for any type of coating product. SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner has been utilised for waterproofing and corrosion proofing many different types of boat decks such as wood planking, heavy steel, lightweight aluminium and especially GRP (fibreglass) that very often is suffering from cracks, abrasion and may have become porous.

Spray lining boat engine bays also to prevent corrosion and create a sound deadening effect is another advantage of using a tough and durable polymer coating. Another very common and useful SPEEDLINER EURO HS® application is providing non-aggressive, anti-slip coatings to boat decks, ramps, steps, walkways and even on the rear platform areas of diving and water skiing boats where users may be wearing soft neoprene wetsuits, socks or boots.

The tough and durable spray liner utilising both texture and smooth finishes has also been applied to protect various flotation equipment and devices that may spend their working life in salt water. SPEEDLINER®EUROPE Ltd. offers a multitude of high visibility colours together with the exclusive ‘Glow in The Dark’ additive that may be required for highly specialised end uses.


SPEEDLINER EURO HS® can be used for various applications in the domestic leisure marketplace. Some examples shown in the images (left to right) below is the refurbishment lining of a salt water spa pool, a spray lining application for an outdoor water fountain, the lining of a porous concrete lined coy carp pool and a coating to seal the grouted tile joints of a saltwater swimming pool.


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