AP50-50 is a two-part, one-coat, solvent borne, reactive adhesive for priming and bonding a variety of substrates. These substrates include ceramics, concrete, steel, E-coated metal, wood, aluminium, brass, as well as many thermoplastics (e.g. nylon and carbon fibre) and some thermosetting resins (e.g. urethane, polyester, epoxy and formaldehyde resin). AP50-50 is a reactive system that rapidly bonds polymers to provide very tough, flexible, durable bonds in extreme environments, such as continuous water immersion, corrosive chemicals, cryogenic conditions and temperatures > 130°C.

Versatile - AP50-50 has a wide range of applications by functioning as a primer to a variety of polar substrates and as a bonding agent for many thermosetting resins (e.g. urethane and DAP) and many rubbers (e.g. NBR and NR). Easy to apply - easily applied by spray, dip or short pile roller. Fast to dry – AP50-50 contains fast drying solvents that help to reduce continuing polymer coating application times.