Frequently Asked Questions

High tensile, tear strength, density and flexibility give us better protection over most other brands. Product 'hardness' can be further enhanced with the addition of various special additives. We can increase even further our cut and tear resistance with the addition of genuine DuPont Kevlar® pulp fibre into our spray liner.

The Kevlar® option is available directly from SPEEDLINER® Europe Ltd. Authorised Dealers / Application Centres. Not all of our spray liner competitors offer this. A Speedliner Euro HS® spray on liner is far less likely to rip or tear than most of our competitors. Our spray liner also offers high UV protection from the sun's harmful rays.

This means Speedliner Euro HS® can hold its colour better than most of our competitors and will not 'chalk' over time that you may often see with some other products.

Kevlar® pulp fibre is a tried and tested optional additive used to greatly enhance cut and tear strength of the sprayed liner.

It is recommended on heavy-duty / hard use trucks and high impact areas.

Kevlar® may not be available with other spray on liner systems. Ask about our FREE Kevlar® voucher.

Take your FREE Kevlar® voucher to your nearest Dealer / Application Centre and the Kevlar® fibre additive will be used in the application of Speedliner Euro HS® to your vehicle at no extra cost.

Based on our proven fantastic strength and toughness our recommended thickness for most truck / van 'floor' areas is 2.5 - 3mm or approximately 1/8". However, Speedliner Euro HS® can be sprayed thicker or thinner as required.

We offer a choice of over 25 stock colours: Black, Dark Green, Emerald Green (metallic), Medium Green, Camouflage Green, Yellow, White, Red, Garnet Red (metallic), Petrol Blue, Dark Blue, Indigo Blue (metallic), Medium Blue, Camouflage Brown, Orange, Charcoal Grey, Medium Grey, Dove Grey, Light Grey, and Desert Tan including other 'special' metallic colours.

Please request a sprayed liner colour sample.

Speedliner Euro HS® can also be colour matched to most vehicles using our specialist colour matching techniques - even to many metallics. Ask us or your Dealer for details.

Based on our proven fantastic strength and toughness our recommended thickness for most truck / van 'floor' areas is 2.5 - 3mm or approximately 1/8". However, Speedliner Euro HS® can be sprayed thicker or thinner as required.
Yes, Speedliner Euro HS® can be sprayed 'over the rails' / topcaps giving added protection against side loading and chafing damage from hard tops / canopies. This is usually included in our standard application price.
Speedliner Euro HS® and Speedliner Euro HC® can be applied to many surfaces for various applications. Our rule of thumb tells us that if it can be painted, it can probably be coated with our Speedliner® products. Predominantly our hybrid polymer spray liner products are used in numerous styles of pre-ply lined panel vans to achieve high levels of hygiene control and waterproofing requirements. We now have some exclusively formulated and manufactured primers that enable us to coat many more different substrates including various plastics, foams and fabrics.

Speedliner Euro HS® has great resistance to many chemicals and performs very well against many different chemical solutions.

Contact SPEEDLINER® Europe Ltd. Technical Support.

Depending on the Dealer / Application Centre's schedule, vehicles that have had a Speedliner Euro HS® application may be collected on the same day or next morning.

Weather conditions like cold temperatures and / or rain may also dictate that the vehicle should stay at the Dealers / Application Centre overnight to protect the new liner while in its early stages of curing.

Please check turnaround time with your Dealer / Application Centre.

"Quality is usually worth a little patience."

Speedliner Euro HS® usually becomes dry to the touch in about 30 - 45 minutes at average room temperature 22°C (72° F). Speedliner Euro HS® will be capable of light use after 24 hours. Drying and cure times can be dramatically decreased with the use of a heated spray booth but is not a normal requirement.

Full cure to achieve our proven excellent strength and toughness takes 3 to 5 days depending on temperature.

Of course you can use your vehicle with sensible care during this cure time. Colder weather may slow the full cure time slightly but Speedliner Euro HS® will still achieve full functional strength.

Remember, Speedliner Euro HS® has a greater cured strength than ANY 'fast cure' spray liner.

You should contact your nearest authorised independent Speedliner® Europe Dealer / Application Centre for details regarding application prices as this will depend on your vehicle size, type and condition and if any previously fitted accessories such as roll bars or canopies need to be removed from pick-up trucks or shelves and / or racking needs to be removed from panel vans prior to the spray application.

However, prices may vary slightly from Dealer to Dealer depending on their geographic location.

The individual Speedliner Euro HS® Dealer / Application Centre warrants all application work.

The Speedliner Euro HS® polymer spray liner will have a lifetime warranty from any manufactured chemical or product defects.