SL1000® is a 'sister' product to our highly successful, tried and tested Speedliner Euro HS® polymer spray liner. SL1000® is an equally versatile high performance polyurethane/urea elastomeric product. SL1000® has a slightly different chemical formula to give a slightly 'wetter' and 'smoother' applied finish than Speedliner Euro HS®.

It also possesses the same properties such as high tensile strength, good elongation and adhesion as Speedliner Euro HS® and as a similar aliphatic-hybrid urethane-urea, SL1000® has significantly better UV stability, hydrolytic stability and resistance to many chemicals than aromatic urethanes commonly known as 'fast dry-fast cure' spray liners.

When fully cured, SL1000® forms an extremely tough, abrasive resistant polymer coating especially well suited for applications for those as mentioned above for Speedliner Euro HS®.

SL1000® can be applied by spray, brush or roller methods and can be proportionally mixed in usable amounts from 150ml. to 8 litres and can be self coloured at point of mixing ready for use.