Speedliner Euro HC®

Speedliner Euro HC® is a high performance polyurethane / urea elastomeric product exhibiting the same overall strength and qualities as the Speedliner Euro HS® but with the advantage of an exclusive active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial additive pre-measured and installed into the component B activator of the Speedliner Euro HC® product.

With the inclusion of Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial additive into Speedliner Euro HC® polymer spray liner the final application provides active anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti fungal protection. It also resists deterioration, discolouration and degradation, odours and spoilage that could occur through the action of bacterial and fungal organisms. Most importantly Ultra-Fresh is effective in the fight against bacteria such as MRSA and E-coli and creates a hostile environment for such organisms which cannot survive on the spray liner surface.

Speedliner Euro HC® can be coated over existing fibreglass interiors to enable serviceable repairs to previously coated surfaces and ease of cleaning of the final surface application.

Speedliner Euro HC® can be applied by spray, brush or roller methods and can be proportionally mixed in usable amounts from 150ml. to 8 litres and can be self coloured at point of mixing ready for use.