Speedliner® is a similar chemical formula product to our highly successful, tried and tested Speedliner Euro HS® polymer spray liner. Speedliner® is a versatile high performance polyurethane/urea elastomeric product. Because of its different molecular structure it can provide either a slightly 'wetter' and 'smoother' spray application or a textured final finish depending on the application methods used.

Speedliner® exhibits more or less the same properties such as high tensile strength, good 'cut and tear' resistance similar to some of our other spray liner products and has significant UV stability, hydrolytic stability and resistance to many chemicals than aromatic urethane liners. When fully cured, Speedliner® forms an extremely tough, abrasive resistant polymer coating especially well suited for applications for those as mentioned above for Speedliner Euro HS®.

Speedliner® can be applied by spray, brush or roller methods and can be proportionally mixed in usable amounts from 150ml. to 8 litres and can be self coloured at point of mixing ready for use.