There are many various vehicle requirements in the transport logistics industry especially for internal protection of both the equipment, materials and different goods being carried and sometimes the specialist protection and care of passengers.

Over the past 14 years that SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. has been established there have been a large and varied amount of specific requests from ‘blue chip’ companies and local authorities dealing with different transport responsibilities. These can range from highly specialised hygiene services, transporting medical equipment, sterile laundry and medical supplies through to MoD military and security services special vehicles together with numbers of Police and Health Authority transport and many, many private sector business’s.

With many specialist vehicle companies ranging from automotive bodyshops to some of the major names in the industry renowned for bespoke coach building and vehicle conversions using and offering the spray liner products from SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. our network of authorised, independent Dealers / Applicators are able to guide, advise and meet the extensively varied needs of customers utilising specialist vehicles.

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Legislation regarding all healthcare vehicles is continuing to be imposed which will mean that virtually all patient care and ambulance transport providers have to make sure that vehicle interiors are impervious to any liquids including bodily fluids.

Because vehicles are a potential source of infection and contamination from bacteria and microbial activity, passenger and patient transportation lined with materials such as carpet or cloth-based fabrics and any interior liable to the ingress of liquids, will not be allowed to transport hospital passengers and patients.

As many Health Authorities and Patient Care Trusts have discovered across the UK and Europe this logistical transport problem is easily overcome with the use of  a SPEEDLINER EURO HC®* spray liner application providing a smoother interior surface and easy ‘wipe clean’ abilities this potential problem of meeting the high required level of hygiene care can be virtually eliminated.

*SPEEDLINER EURO HC® is the active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial version of the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. specialist coating products. Click here for more information.

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There are many different vehicle requirements used by the Fire and Emergency Services not least the transportation of wet, dirty and smoke contaminated materials and equipment.

The vehicles used for some of these transport services are now, with the internal lining of the SPEEDLINER EURO HS® polymer coating system, can be easily power washed clean after any and every wet and dirty operation.

Over the 14 years SPEEDLINER® Europe Ltd. has been established the specialist spray liner coating product has met the needs of many Fire Services and Emergency Service sectors by being able to waterproof line panel vans, mobile divers vehicles, detachable trailer units, apply anti-slip surfaces to ramps, steps and platforms together with marking potential danger edges and steps with high visibility, tough and durableSPEEDLINER Euro HS® and the highly specialised ‘Glow in The Dark’* coating exclusive to SPEEDLINER®EUROPE Ltd.

*‘Glow in The Dark’ luminescent coating additive is one of the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. specialist coating additive products.

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Probably the biggest market for SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner applications is the interior lining of various size panel vans and box trailers both refrigerated and standard especially for the carriage and delivery of food products.

With a smoother interior surface and easy ‘wipe clean’ abilities, when cured, the coating becomes a tough, durable, inert polymer ‘plastic’.

SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner is fully tested and certificated to meet the EEC directive ‘SI1998 / 1376 Plastic Materials in Contact with Food Legislation’.

This means that the SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner is officially verified for absolutely safe, direct food contact including items such as bakery and pastry products, all fruit and vegetables, raw meats, cooked meat products, all dairy and milk based products, liquid beverages and potable drinking water.

Achieving this test approval meant that SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. was the first and only company offering a urethane polymer, spray liner product to be totally acceptable for the lining of food transportation vehicles.

A copy of the EEC compliance certificate is available to potential customers on request.

Together with the introduction of the active anti-bacterial SPEEDLINER EURO HC®* this gives SPEEDLINER®EUROPE Ltd. an almost unapproachable, definitive advantage over all other spray liner products.

*SPEEDLINER EURO HC® is the active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial version of the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. specialist coating products. Click here for more information.

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