The Speedliner Euro HS® polymer spray liner coating has been used for a wide range of applications in the leisure marketplace.

The tough and durable lining product has been use to completely line and seal a leaking concrete lined koi carp pool, to line and prevent leakage through tile grouting in a salt water swimming pool and to coat a cracked stone ornamental fountain to list but a few.

Children’s playground equipment can also be re-furbished with a long-lasting, smooth polymer coating application and safety anti-slip walkways, steps, ramps and even ‘wet’ shower rooms can also receive the specialist polymer coating treatment.

A new area that has adopted the Speedliner Euro HS®/HC spray liner is the *Caravan and Motorhome marketplace. One of the biggest problems is the inherent problem of cracked and leaking plastic shower trays in these vehicles. With the ever growing use of the Speedliner Euro HS®/HC product there is now a quality, long-life repairs system available.

*For more information please see our ‘sister’ company website: www.speedcoateuro.com

Speedliner Euro HS® has also been used for coating skateboards with a non-aggressive anti-slip coating and surfboards with a tough hardwearing high gloss, polymer topcoat product.

Probably the largest, most challenging and proudest achievement for Speedliner® Europe Ltd. in the leisure industry was the research and development and final application to create the world’s first ‘soft’ landing surf and body board pool rider surface area for a major UK manufacturer and worldwide installer of artificial waves pools. Speedliner® Europe Ltd. virtually never shy away from new ideas and requirements from a variety of customers connected with leisure activities and equipment manufacturers.


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