Light commercial panel vans are a major logistical vehicle operating between major transport carriers and the localised delivery sectors. Used in multi-fleets and the single business and trade user alike they are a vital link in day to day delivery and collection operations of a multitude of goods.

Apart from internal plywood lining to prevent dents and damage to external bodywork due to ever increasing legislation many panel vans require load area cleaning and washing capabilities to meet specific vehicle hygiene requirements.

SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner can meet and almost always exceed the needs of providing a practical washable and easy clean panel van interior together with the added qualities of internal panel scuff and scrape protection.

The most common interior protective washable coating has traditionally been GRP (fibreglass) but this coated application can be prone to cracks, ‘crazing’, colour degradation and is becoming  more expensive due to the rising cost of the materials used together with the specialised application skills needed.

The proven tough and durable SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner offers a viable and increasingly economic solution to the vehicle ‘end user’.

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The images below show the four basic styles of SPEEDLINER® Europe Ltd. spray liner applications that can be adapted to meet specific customer requirements.

The final applications can utilise any of the SPEEDLINER® Europe Ltd. products together with any of the optional additives available such as anti-bacterial, anti-slip and Kevlar® plus single or split colours of choice.

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SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner is used extensively throughout the cleaning industry to protect the interior load areas of various size panel vans and trailers. The coating is impervious to most cleaning chemicals and detergents and the sometimes heavy day-to-day wear and tear moving cleaning equipment in and out of the vehicles.

The waterproof sealed interior offers total protection against water ingress, rust and corrosion. Anti-slip surface coating applications can also be applied for personnel safety in ‘wet floor’ vehicles.

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SPEEDLINER EURO HS® spray liner system has been used extensively for the special interior compartments of vehicles carrying highly trained and valuable dogs used for specialist services with the Police forces, military and private security services, fire services and private owners across the UK and Europe.

Depending on what type or style of interior lining has been provided some vehicles can be prone to abrasions, scratched surfaces even static charge build up and potentially unhygienic environments which may be harmful to the dogs being carried.

With some vehicle lining materials there may be added problems such as difficulty in cleaning the interior areas and this may create an instant haven for bacteria and microbial contamination. However, with a SPEEDLINER EURO HC®* lining application providing a smoother interior surface and easy ‘wipe clean’ abilities this potential problem can be virtually eliminated.

*SPEEDLINER EURO HC®   is the active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial version of the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. specialist coating products. Click here for more information.

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Probably the biggest market for SPEEDLINER EURO HC® spray liner applications is the interior lining of various size panel vans and box trailers both refrigerated and standard especially for the carriage and delivery of food products.

With a smoother interior surface and easy ‘wipe clean’ abilities, when cured, the coating becomes a tough, durable, inert polymer ‘plastic’.

SPEEDLINER EURO HC® spray liner is fully tested and certificated to meet the EEC directive ‘SI1998 / 1376 Plastic Materials in Contact with Food Legislation’.

This means that the SPEEDLINER EURO HC® spray liner is officially verified for absolutely safe, direct food contact including items such as bakery and pastry products, all fruit and vegetables, raw meats, cooked meat products, all dairy and milk based products, liquid beverages and potable drinking water.

Achieving this test approval meant that SPEEDLINER® EUROPE LTD. was the first and only company offering a urethane polymer, spray liner product to be totally acceptable for the lining of food transportation vehicles.

A copy of the EEC compliance certificate is available to potential customers on request.
Together with the introduction of the active anti-bacterial SPEEDLINER EURO HC®* this gives SPEEDLINER® EUROPE LTD. an almost unapproachable, definitive advantage over all other spray liner products.

*SPEEDLINER EURO HC® is the active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial version of the SPEEDLINER® EUROPE LTD. specialist coating products.


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