Why Speedliner® Europe

There are various spray liner systems available in the marketplace ranging from basic DIY products to commercial and industrial level applications.

So what are the advantages in choosing to enlist as an authorised Speedliner® Europe Dealer / Applicator.

Speedliner® Europe Ltd. and the products that are offered have many notable advantages over other spray liner systems such as:

  • We have a 19 year operating track record regarding the distribution and application of specialist polymer spray liner coatings and associated materials.
  • We have a selection of specialist polymer products that provide virtually unapproachable and incomparable versatility.
  • We have over 25 stock colours and access to almost limitless colour choices.
  • We stock and supply genuine DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre additive.
  • We stock and supply various additives and aggregates to create anti-slip coating applications.
  • We carry out both nationwide trade and retail printed and digital marketing, advertising and promotion.
  • We attend national level specialist trade exhibitions promoting our products and our Dealers.
  • We provide trade and retail customer referrals to our authorised Dealers.
  • We provide marketing and promotional materials and product samples for our Dealers.
  • We obtain specialist independent testing of our products to supply to our Dealers.
  • We carry stocks of spares for all our spray application equipment.
  • We provide technical support and a Dealer 'back-up' service that is second to none.
  • We DO NOT operate as a franchise, require sales targets or royalties.
  • We DO NOT mislead or encourage anyone to operate as a 'stand alone' spray liner business.
  • All our Authorised Speedliner® Europe Dealers are independently owned and operated businesses.

If you are thinking about becoming an authorised Speedliner® Europe Dealer / Application Centre and adding the specialist polymer products to your current business activities and services please give serious thought and consideration to what we offer compared to other spray liner companies or products.

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